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Recycling & Waste Management Llc

The Waste Management Division of Zenath Group was established in the year 1998.

Zenath Recycling & Waste Management is one of the largest waste haulage companies in dubai. The division offers a wide range of waste management services / solutions and is engaged in the haulage of the following from industrial houses, companies, construction sites, shopping malls, hotels, schools, residential complexes.

  • General non-hazardous wastes
  • Construction wastes
  • Industrial wastes
  • Hazardous wastes
  • Medical wastes (from hospitals and clinics)

The above are collected and transported for disposal at the dump-yard of Dubai Municipality. The division also markets galvanized metal trolley bins of sizes 1.1 cubic meters, 2.5 cubic meters and 4.5 cubic meters, plastic trolleys, compactors and other equipments meant for waste collection.

Incinerators For Medical Waste

The consortium Zenath, Mitsubishi Corporation and Plantec Inc. Japan had successfully constructed and commissioned the first of its kind incinerator for medical waste at Jabel ali , Dubai. The incinerator employs the world’s latest vertical incineration technology; with the best emission norms to decompose medical waste through thermal incineration. The incinerator has a capacity of incinerating medical waste of 19.2 tons per day (24 hrs).

Waste Management division also brings in new concepts and best technology available in the world for the treatment of waste such as converting waste2energy, etc.

Zenath Recycling & waste management attaches great importance to safeguarding the environment and creating awareness among the people the necessity to take care of the environment for the welfare of humanity. The division is one of the main sponsors of environmental awareness campaigns of dubai municipality and Emirates environmental group (EEG) like clean up the world and clean up UAE campaign, organized with a motto to inculcate reduce, recycle and Reuse concepts.

Zenath Recycling And Waste Management LLC

Tel: +971 04 3234596

Fax: +971 04 3236406

Email: wm@etazenath.com


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Zenath Recycling and Waste Management LLC P.O.Box 7113 Dubai. U.A.E
Tel: +971 04 3234596 Fax: +971 04 3236406 E-mail: wm@etazenath.com